Frequently Asked Questions

Social Security is designed to provide a solid foundation and a basic level of financial security throughout your clients' retirement. In the past, Social Security has been thought of as an "automatic" benefit with most individuals and couples simply signing-up for retirement benefits as soon as they reached 62.

  • What is your Maximum Social Security GuaranteeSM?
    Our Maximum Social Security GuaranteeSM is our promise to you.

    At Social Security AdvisorsSM, we are confident in our ability to maximize your client's Social Security. Our service always comes with our Maximum Social Security GuaranteeSM which is as follows: We will refund any fees paid if it can be demonstrated to us that an alternative Social Security Strategy would result in a larger lifetime benefit from the Social Security Administration under the same set of circumstances and assumptions. Simply submit your claim within 60 days of signing the Service Agreement.

    The bottom line is that we only win if you win by obtaining your maximum Social Security benefit.

    Is the fee a one-time fee per client?
    Yes, it is. For each new client, simply sign-up for the service that you and your client desire. Discounts are available for volume; please inquire for more information.

    How long will me and my client have acess to our advisor to ask questions?
    Each client plan that you purchase for a client is good for that client's lifetime (or the lifetime of the couple if they are married). You or the client can call back at anytime in the future with any additional questions pertaining to the client's case.

    Do you offer discounts if I use your service frequently for clients?
    Yes, we do. Discounts for advisors begin at five client cases per month and are available at multiple tiers based on volume. Please contact us to inquire further.

    Do I have to be involved with the client calls or discussions
    As the advisor, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you would like. Some of our advisor partners prefer to be involved in every discussion and others prefer to simply refer their client to us and once their Social Security questions are answered, we pass the client back to you, the advisor. So it's up to you.

    My client has their report; how do I schedule a conference call to speak with our advisor?
    It's very easy; you can do so online here: Schedule An Appointment

    Can you file for my client's Social Security for them?
    We certainly can! Sign-up for the Social Security Filing Service here: Sign-Up for Filing

    Can either me or my client pay the fees?
    Yes, either of you can pay the fees; there are no restrictions.

    Do you offer any other products or service besides Social Security advice?
    No, we focus exclusively on providing Social Security advice and do not compete with you, the advisor.

    Can I custom brand the Maximum Social Security Strategy that the client receives?
    This is available for Enterprise-level advisors; please inquire for more information.

    I have a quick client question; do I still have to pay for the full analysis?
    No, we offer our Quick Question service for exactly this reason which gives you and your client 10 minutes of access to one of our Social Security Advisors to ask any questions that you have.

    Can't I just ask the Social Security Administration for free what my client should do?
    No. By law, they are not allowed to provide you with specific recommendations based on your client's personal and unique circumstances. It is critical that your client's Maximum Social Security StrategySM be coordinated with the numerous personal and financial variables that need to be considered in making their decision.

    You can obtain a great deal of general information from the Social Security Administration; they are a wonderful resource and they perform an important service administering Social Security on behalf of the American people. What they cannot provide is advice and it is custom advice that your client's need--advice that is geared towards your client's specific circumstances and objectives in order to Maximize their Social SecuritySM. As the Social Security ExpertsSM, this is what we specialize in.

    At Social Security AdvisorsSM, we are your client's advocate and we are working on your client's behalf. We have a team of expert advisors that will provide an in-depth analysis of the many factors that will impact your client's benefits. We will provide your client with a clear view of the differences those factors can make in your benefit payments as well as your client's overall retirement income and we will identify the Maximum Social Security StrategySM that is right for them and their family.

    How do I know that your advice is valid and trustworthy?
    We're glad you asked. At Social Security AdvisorsSM, we value your trust and take our work very seriously. We maintain a leading in-house research and development program and team dedicated to producing strategies to maximize your client's Social Security. As such, our experts are frequently quoted and have contributed to numerous published articles on the topic of maximizing your client's Social Security and provide professional Social Security course instruction on a regular basis.

    The Social Security strategies that we offer are based on both leading academic research and quantitative analysis as well as actual hands-on experience in working with clients and the Social Security Administration. Our team of Social Security experts has years of experience in the field and we have an in-house training and continuing professional education program in place to ensure that our advisors are always up-to-date with the latest changes and opportunities that may be available to our clients.

    Furthermore, we encourage you to review what our previous clients have been saying in our Client Testimonials section.

    I'm a financial advisor and feel I know about Social Security; why should I seek advice from you in addition or instead?
    The bottom line is that Social Security is complex. It has taken us years of dedicated research and experience to develop the expertise that we have at Social Security AdvisorsSM. The unfortunate fact is that most financial advisors are not properly trained in the nuances and complicated rules-over 2,700 of them-that are contained within Social Security's Program Operations Manual System.

    Basically, the majority of financial advisors don't have the Social Security-specific tools or in-depth knowledge required to help their clients maximize their Social Security. Also, by working with us, we handle all the heavy lifting and make it easy for you so that you can focus on what you do best. By offering your clients the best Social Security advice available in the market, you will differentiate yourself among your competitors and you can use the topic of Social Security and our service as a great lead generator for your business without having to pay for training, software, or new marketing programs.

    Will I have to give you my client's Social Security number?
    Generally, no. We will only need your client's Social Security number if their situation is exceptionally unique or we are handling the client's Social Security filing for them. Of course, even in these cases, you have the right to refuse to provide your client's Social Security number at any time.

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, cash, or check.

    What is your refund policy?
    At Social Security AdvisorsSM, we are confident in our ability to maximize your Social Security. Our service always comes with our Maximum Social Security GuaranteeSM which is as follows: we will refund any fees paid if it can be demonstrated to us that an alternative Social Security Strategy would result in a larger lifetime benefit from the Social Security Administration under the same set of circumstances and assumptions. Simply submit your claim within 60 days of signing the Service Agreement.

    Can I do everything over the phone, online, and/or through the mail?
    Yes. We are dedicated to making everything as easy and convenient as possible for you and your clien. Additionally, we will work with you to identify a mutually convenient time to discuss your client's situation even if this means doing so on a weekend or in the evening.

    What if I don't understand the Maximum Social Security StrategySM that you send to me?
    If you or your client have any questions during or following your review of your Maximum Social Security StrategySM, your Social Security Advisor will be available assist you and will work hard to address any questions that you may have.

    Is there a limit to the number of people that I can refer to Social Security AdvisorsSM?
    No, there is no limit...and there are no limits to how much you can benefit through our Social Security Advisors Referral ProgramSM. Help your friends and family by spreading the word about how Social Security AdvisorsSM can maximize their Social Security. When one of your friends or a family member sign-up and become a client, you both win. For more details, please visit our Referral Programs.

    Do you offer any discounts if I refer a group of people to Social Security AdvisorsSM?
    Yes, we do. Group discounts are available on a tiered-basis beginning with groups of five or more individuals or couples. For more details, please call us to speak with a Social Security Advisor.

    Are you at all affiliated with the Social Security Administration?
    No. Social Security AdvisorsSM is not affiliated with the Social Security Administration in any way.

    Do you handle Social Security disability claims?
    We work with an industry-leading partner that handles disability claims for our clients. For more details about discounted partner rates available to clients of Social Security AdvisorsSM, please call us to speak with a Social Security AdvisorSM.

    Why Your Clients Need Us

      Social Security Is Complicated... There Are 2,728 Rules and Thousands of Claiming Options! Are Your Clients Making The Right Decisions?
      70% of Americans Leave Money On The Table ($120,000 On Average, Per Couple) by Making The Wrong Decisions
      Most People Make the Wrong Choices About How and When to File
      Expert Social Security Advice is Difficult to Find
      The Social Security Administration Is Prohibited from Providing Advice
      Clients Need a Custom Strategy: Only a Social Security expert Can Help Them With That
      It's Very Affordable And We Save Your Clients Tons of Time!

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  • How It Works for Your Clients

    Step 1:  Your clients take the first step towards Maximizing Their Social Security! They answer a few basic questions to help us customize their Maximum Social Security StrategySM and they're on their way!
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    Step 2:  Their Social Security Advisor will work with them to explore all of their Social Security claiming options and will help them Maximize their Social Security! Your clients now have a dedicated guide focused on them to help make these critical decisions. You as their advisor are welcome to join these calls.
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    Step 3:  After a full analysis of ALL their claiming options, they'll receive their Maximum Social Security StrategySM tailored specifically for them and a personalized recommendation from their Social Security Advisor so they can start earning more! We can even file for their Social Security for them if desired.
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