How It Works for Your Clients

Step 1:  Your clients take the first step towards Maximizing Their Social Security! They answer a few basic questions to help us customize their Maximum Social Security StrategySM and they're on their way!
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Step 2:  Their Social Security Advisor will work with them to explore all of their Social Security claiming options and will help them Maximize their Social Security! Your clients now have a dedicated guide focused on them to help make these critical decisions. You as their advisor are welcome to join these calls.
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Step 3:  After a full analysis of ALL their claiming options, they'll receive their Maximum Social Security StrategySM tailored specifically for them and a personalized recommendation from their Social Security Advisor so they can start earning more! We can even file for their Social Security for them if desired.
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What is a Maximum Social Security StrategySM?

 A Personalized Social Security Strategy
  • A full analysis of ALL your clients' claiming options and a Maximum Social Security StrategySM tailored specifically for him/her.
 We Increase Your Clients' Income
  • We tell them how to maximize their Social Security.
 We Make It Easy
  • We simplify the 2,728 rules and tell them exactly what to do in one simple and executable plan.
 When to File, What to File, & How to File
  • Full claiming dates, switching dates, and instructions to make sure they don’t leave money on the table.

 Easy Visuals
  • Monthly, Annual, and Total Benefits with intuitive and easy-to-understand visuals.
 Compare & Contrast     Scenarios
  • Have multiple claiming scenarios in mind? No problem, we’ll guide your clients through each of them and help them choose the best one!

 Work With An Expert
  • A one-on-one planning session with a dedicated Social Security AdvisorSM
 Assistance With Filing
  • Their filing and claiming questions answered.