Why Doesn't Everyone Maximize Their Social Security Benefits?

It's Easy and Affordable to Maximize Your Social Security!

 Most People Don't Know They Can Maximize Their Social Security

73% of respondents were unaware that strategies exist to Maximize Their Social Security according to a recent survey.

 Expert Social Security Advice is Difficult to Find

With 2,728 rules and a lack of quality, comprehensive information from a single source, most consumers are in the dark about how to maximize their Social Security and lack the detailed knowledge that is required.

 The Social Security Administration Is Prohibited From Providing Advice

The Social Security Administration is prohibited from offering personal advice even though 77% of people expect personalized advice from the Administration. In other words, your local Social Security Agent cannot make personal recommendations to you, but at Social Security AdvisorsSM, this is what we do best.

 Most People Make the Wrong Choices About How and When to File

Over 70% of Americans leave money on the table ($120,000 on average, per couple) by claiming their Social Security benefits in a suboptimal way; don't be one of them!

Many are confused by all of the rules and don't achieve their Maximum Social Security StrategySM because they fail to take full advantage of Spousal and Survivors benefits.

 Some People Falsely Believe Professional Advice is Unaffordable

Not anymore! At Social Security AdvisorsSM, we always have your clients' pocketbook in mind. We offer professional, customized, and affordable advice that will work within any budget. For most people, our service costs less than their monthly cable bill and the benefits obtained last for a lifetime. Now that’s affordable Maximization!

Our packages ensure that your clients obtain a high return on their investment and they’re always covered by our Maximum Social Security GuaranteeSM.

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